Sourced from the Best Gardens

Namhah Sources the Best Teas from the Tea Gardens of Assam ,Darjeeling and other Tea Producing states of India. We check for Quality so that you dont have to worry about it. Our Tea testers are renowned and are Industry Experts with more than 20 years of Tea tasting Experience.

Why Choose Namhah?

  • Tea Comes Directly from Gardens.
  • Handpicked Tea by the expert tea Pluckers.
  • Quality Tasting is done by experts.
  • Tea is Packaged carefully to keep the freshness intact.
  • Our Flavor Teas contains no Artificial Flavoring
  • Dispatch done within 24 Hrs of Order reciept.
  • More than 16 Varieties of Premium Teas Available.
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Over 25 million Cups of Tea Sold

We serve our customers an Experience that’s changing the way tea is consumed and helping us grow a Tea Loving Nation.

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What our customers Say

The best store for quality tea. They ship for free and the experience is amazing. Good variety available

Rita Kochar / Google

Namhah is the best place for premium quality tea. My friend Uday suggested namhah and it’s been great

Priyanuj Debnath / Google

Awesomeness begins here. Just tryout the taste of the tea and u will know wt it feels. Try and fly.. i love it.

Bishujit Laizz / Google

Great company manufacturing really authentic tea in such lovely little boxes too!

Shyamal Das / Google

So many flavours. I like the white tea the most. I suggest Namhah tea to everyone for a healthy living.

Restorjit / Google

Once you have this tea..there is no going back. If you care for your health and also wants to surprise yourself everytime u sip a cup.. This is it with its many flavours

Chey Moo / Google

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