The Secrets Behind Cinnamon Tea!!

Cinnamon is one of the most commonly used spices in the world. Created from the bark of the cinnamon tree , the spice has been used in natural healer/ointment (medicine) and also in the culinarian world. Adding Cinnamon to the traditional Indian tea makes the taste more relinquishing.

  • Improves heart health- Cinnamon reduces the traces of inflammation. This may be immensely beneficial, given that inflammation is thought to be at the root of many chronic diseases, including heart diseases .

Researches opens up with new statements that cinnamon reduces blood pressure, unwanted cholesterol levels in some individuals. means that cinnamon increases levels of HDL cholesterol which is a good cholesterol, improves heart health by removing excess cholesterol from the blood vessels. Consuming even a little of cinnamon tea everyday has a long lasting effects. Cinnamon contains high amounts of natural coumarins which is a group of compounds that prevent narrowing of blood vessels and offers protection against blood clots .

But excessive intake of cinnamon tea reduces liver abnormalities , thereby, increasing the risk of bleeding, so it is advisable to take only a single cup of cinnamon daily.

  • Removesbacteria and fungi from the body- Researches confirm that cinnamaldehyde, the main active component found in cinnamon, reduces bad breath ,prevents the growth of various bacteria, fungi, molds and also prevents tooth decay.
  • Removes skin aging- Cinnamon increases formation of collagen which leads to the improvement of hydration as well as skin elasticity and hydration, thus reducing the appearances of aging .
  • Reduces acne- Cinnamon extracts removes those bacterias’ which causes acne.
  • Anticancer properties- Cinnamon extracts kills cancerous cells like the skin cancer cells.
  • Useful for HIV patients – Cinnamon extracts removes the HIV viruses in humans.

So if you want to see yourself fit everyday, then try drinking the single cup of  Cinnamon tea every single day!!

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