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What does CTC Tea mean?

The Full form of CTC is Crush, Turn Curl. CTC is a method of processing black tea [...]

Immunity Booster Teas

For the Last few months during the Corona Outbreak we had received lot of queries [...]

Maijan Golden Tips – The Most Expensive Tea from Assam

Maijan Golden tips on 31st July 2019 makes a record at Guwahati Tea Auction Center(GTAC) [...]

How to Brew as per the Tea Type – White Tea

Tea Brewing is an art which very few people have mastered. In this blog post [...]

Namhah Featured in Yourstory

We were recently featured by Yourstory who talked about our startup from Guwahati. Our Journey [...]

Why Green Tea Tastes Bitter? Are you brewing it Wrong?

Many of us have experienced a bitterness when we brew the green tea or any [...]

Why White Tea is Better than Green Tea?

Green tea is the most suggested tea or the first tea that comes to mind [...]

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Namhah Buys Your Favourite White Tea

We at Namhah Never Compromise on Quality this can be easily understood by our record [...]

Namhah Tea Tasting Sessions

As a Tea Company we think that tasting the tea the the best form of [...]

How To Make a perfect Cup of Green Tea

Are you making your Green Tea the Wrong Way? 90% of the People make the [...]