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Dooars Tea

Situated below the Darjeeling belt in north-east India, the Dooars region in the foothill is [...]

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus , a kind of herbal tea made from the dried floral leaves of the [...]

Pu-erh Tea for Focus

Pu–erh, a kind of dark tea ,from the Yunnan province of China has a probiotic bacteria [...]

Orange Pekoe Tea

The term “Orange Pekoe” often misunderstood as the unflavoured black tea. But in the real [...]

Blue Tea


Herbal Tulsi Green Tea

Considered to be the healing agent for the human body since decades, the Tulsi leaves [...]

Jasmine Green Tea


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Matcha – The Japanese Super Food

Benefits of Matcha tea: Increases metabolism as well as burns fat:  Oxidizes fat & bounds [...]