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Which Tea helps in weight loss?

Tea is the second most drunk beverage enjoyed around the world. By pouring hot water [...]

A “YES” to GREEN TEA for A “NO” to Depression!

Most of us, hanker for green tea for its Weight loss benefit. But to meet [...]

Why you should drink Namhah Green Tea Every day?

Over the most recent couple of years, Green tea has turned into a much prominent [...]


What is Oolong Tea and what are its benefits?

Tea has been thought to be in a safeguard restorative classification in China for a [...]

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Why Society is moving towards Green Tea?

There are such a variety of refreshments that individuals can name and claim to be [...]

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What is Earl Grey Tea?

1)Promotes Teeth Health 2)Fights Anxiety and Depression 3)Helps in weight Loss 4)Aids in Digestion 5)Fights [...]

Which Tea should you drink and Why?

There are many different types of tea available but which tea should you choose and [...]


Does Green Tea Really Work?

Yes Namhah Green Tea is a great health drink. We at Namhah ensure that you [...]